Vishu Sadhya Recipes

Vishu Recipes

Friday, April 11, 2014

Vishu Sadhya Recipes - Happy Vishu kanni - Parippu mudhal Payasam Varai

  Happy Vishu Kkani to all my viewers..

Vishu is an Indian festival celebrated in the state of Kerala. It fall on the first month of Medam as per Malayalam calendar, i.e on the first of Medam. It normally falls on April 14th. This year it falls on April 15th.  April 14th comes Chitraa kkani(Tamil New year).

'Vishukkani' is the most important part of the festival, which means that, seeing all good things first on the day after waking up, bring prosperity. We used to arrange the kkani the night before itself.  In a large uruli (shallow vessel of Kerala),  fruits, vegetables, raw rice, money, jewels, mirror(vaalkkannadi), new mundu/dhothi, and golden cucumber with the beauty of yellow flower( Cassia fistula) and decorated Sri Krishna all will be set. Morning the elder member of the family will lit the lamp and wakes us up with eyes closed to see the Kkani.
Then comes my favorite Kaineetam...yes getting money/coins from elder members of the family.

Vishu sadhya is yet another part of the vishu festival.  You can find lot of recipes prepared during the feast. Below are some of recipes.
Click on the picture to view the recipe with step wise pictures.

Parippu Curry
Drumstick Sambar 

Beetroot Pachadi
Potato Olan


Ulli Theeyal

Coming up
Inji Puli

Paruppu rasam Coming up.
Ari Payasam
Palada Pradhaman
Kadala Parippu Pradhaman


  • Prepare the condiments  (inji puli, raw mango pickle etc.,) a day ahead.
  • You can cut all the vegetables as per the curry/recipe and refrigerate it separately in airtight containers or Ziploc bags. 
  • You can also grate the coconut and refrigerate it in air tight containers
Enjoy this festival season with family and friends.

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