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Monday, January 6, 2014

Farfalle Pasta in White Sauce - Recipe

Farfalle pasta in white sauce

The chill winter outside makes me carve for something hot . Pasta is simple and easy Italian dish which can be normally had as dinner or break time munch.  I love the different shapes of pasta. Different pasta's in bottles simply makes the kitchen beautiful.  I like the basic tomato pasta sauce tossed with any pasta which i used to store normally. Mithu loves more of the white sauce preparation.

Farfalle pasta in white sauce
Mithu is very choosy in having vegetables and so i have to find out ways to make her intake some veggies. I added mushroom here which blends well with white sauce. Any pasta can be used with this sauce.  I had the basic white sauce recipe which i got long back from a cooking channel and modified a bit to suit our taste.

Farfalle Pasta In White Sauce Recipe - Ingredients:

Cooking time : 10 mins / Recipe Cuisine : Italian /  Makes 2 Servings:

Farfalle Pasta  - 2  Cups
Oil - 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Water to boil

For Basic White Sauce:

Butter    - 2 tblsp
APF (Maida)  - 2 tblsp
Milk   - 1 Cup
Salt to taste
Crushed Pepper - 1 tsp

For Additional flavor:

Cream Cheese - 2 tblsp
Fresh Cream   -  1 tblsp
Oregano   - 1/2 tsp
Fresh garlic crushed or Garlic powder - 1/2 tsp
Mushroom medium - 3-4 nos

1. Boil the pasta with enough water along with salt and oil for 5 mins and drain it. Don't overcook it.

2. Saute the mushroom in a dry pan and keep aside.
3. Melt  butter in a pan and add  flour and saute it  without browning.  Add  milk little by little and stirr continuously.

4. While its boiling add oregano,salt, pepper and garlic powder and sauteed mushrooms. I omitted pepper as i prepared this for mithu.

5. Finally add the cream cheese and cream.

6. Mix pasta with the sauce and stirr for a minute and switch off. Serve hot.

Will be posting soon the basic tomato pasta recipe and other recipes using pasta.
Farfalle pasta in white sauce


  • Instead of cream cheese you can also add Parmesan cheese which makes it even more rich.  
  • This is a medium sauce and for thin sauce reduce the butter and flour to 1 tblsp, keeping the cup of milk same.
  • Veggies can be of your choice, still mushroom & broccoli  blends well with white sauce. 
  • Add little milk and break the lumps completely and then add rest of the milk.
  • Garlic gives a good flavor so don't miss it.
  • Don't cook the pasta for long time then it will turn out  mushy.

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