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Monday, January 6, 2014

Gobi 65 / Chilly Gobi

 Gobi 65 or Chilly Gobi brings back my college days. I learned this recipe during my college days when i visited my friends house. Her cousin sister is a great cook and she used to make veg dhum biriyani and chilly Gobi specially for us. I never miss chilly Gobi when it comes to serving guests during lunch. I remember tasted this first at a kaiyenthi bhavan  during my higher classes.
Gobi 65

It's a great snack to have it by itself or as a side dish. It is one of  Mithu's favorite. These crispy and spicy florets marinated in batter tastes scrumptious!.  Don't be confused with the list of ingredients as they are handy and easily available.

Gobi 65 / Chilly Gobi  Recipe - Ingredients:
Preparation time : 10 mins / Marinating time : 1 hour / Recipe Cuisine : North Indian

Medium Cauliflower  - 1
Corn flour/ Rice flour  -  4 tblsp
Curd   -  3 tblsp
Red chilly powder -  3 tsp
Turmeric   - 1/2 tsp
Baking soda  -  a pinch
Ginger garlic paste -  1/2 tsp
Lime juice -  1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves - a sprig
Raw onion rings to garnish

1. Boil the cauliflower florets in the water with salt and turmeric and drain it completely.

 2. Combine corn flour,red chilly, soda, ginger-garlic paste, lime juice and curd.

3. Mix it with the florets and marinate it for an hour.

4. Deep fry them in batches. Fry the curry leaves too.

5. While serving place the Gobi's in a plate and garnish with curry leaves ,onion rings and lemon wedges.

Gobi 65

So why do waiting for? Go grab your fork and dig in these crispies!!


  • Adding red food color is optional as they do in restaurants. I used kashmiri red chilly powder and it gave a natural red color.
  • Drain the water completely from the blanched florets or else the batter will become thin. In that case add little more flour.
  • Marinate the florets at least for 1/2 an hour as they will absorb the spices well.
  • You can also garnish with sauteed capsicums and tomato sauce.
  • Lemon juice gives a nice tangy flavor.

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